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Key Benefits:
More and more consumers are using the Web to research before they buy.

You can present Your Story to a target audience that sought YOU out.

Your Web advertising is available wherever, whenever - 24 hours every day.

A convenient means for your customers or suppliers to contact you  via email  
      e.g. :  sales@yourbusinessname.com 

We can usually create a WebSite by using materials
 that you have on hand from previous print ads, photos, etc.
 and a description of your business or service. 
We can also create new material for you. 

Web Design - the blueprint

Layout of the WebSite and content

Web Authoring - hammer & nails

Translating the Web design into the Internet's language 

Web Hosting - hook up the utilities

The service that connects your WebSite to the Internet

Web Maintenance - remodel or add on 

Update of existing pages or the addition of new pages.


Cost will naturally vary based on the amount of time
required to Design and Author your site.
 We will cover this topic during our first discussion with you .
 No surprises - ever.

We can arrange hosting (usually billed by the hosting company)
and will publish the site. We also arrange for the registering of your site name (YOURBUSINESSNAME.COM).

Please contact us  for a discussion on pricing specific to your requirements.


Get on the Web !

Sites start at  $ 399


One Page Website for

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